Sam Snapp, Administrative Specialist at The Job Post


Administrative Specialist

(616) 451-0236 ext. 103

Sam works in the accounting department and helps process weekly payroll.

He started with The Job Post shortly after high school, being hired after doing volunteer work in data entry for Guiding Light.

Sam is skilled in analytics and Excel. He picks up new processes and tasks quickly. He even received an award from his high school for his computer prowess. Sam hopes to use these talents to help our team here at The Job Post in any way he can.

In his free time, Sam likes to spend his time watching movies or connecting with friends, family, and his wonderful dog, Lyra.

A quote Sam loves:

” I think [it all] gets vaguer every second, but I am too and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

– Paula Kelley

What Sam does at The Job Post:

Assist in the Accounting Department, involved with gift processing, TJP payroll, and other odd jobs involving data.

Why Sam works at The Job Post:

To keep GL/TJP’s lights on; to keep the system that allows men to come here and find a new path functioning.

Favorite part of the job:

The thanks I get for a job well done.

Freetime fun:

Go to school, cook meals for dinner, and find time to relax.

Favorite The Job Post experiences:

The Thursday handoff with Mark.

Favorite place to eat:


Adjectives that describe Sam:

Quick, Resourceful, Adaptive.

One of Sam’s quirky loves:

Model Kit Building

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