Brian Spyke, Managing Director of The Job Post


Managing Director

(616) 451-0236 ext. 102

Brian serves as a liaison between The Job post and its parent organization, Guiding Light. He sees his role as ensuring The Job Post has the resources to do the hard work of furthering Guiding Light’s mission of breaking down the barriers that prevent someone from getting a job. Brian grew up in Mason, MI, spent the past decade in Washington, DC, honing his finance background, and recently returned to the Midwest with his two dogs, Gus & Duncan.

A quote Brian loves:

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”
– Philippians 1:21

What Brian does at The Job Post:

Leadership Team, finance, admin, operations; Managing Director of The Job Post

Why Brian works at The Job Post:


Favorite part of the job:

Working with the men as they reengage with the community after Foundations. Helping with their job searches, savings, moves to Iron House. And even better watching The Promises be fulfilled in their lives.

Freetime fun:

Uncle to Lily & Graham. Dog Dad to Gus & Duncan.

Favorite The Job Post experiences:

Morning Ritual – especially when we have a talented drummer. And even more especially when one of the men is celebrating a sobriety milestone.

Favorite place to eat:

Forty Pearl

Favorite GLR lunch question:

Questions during vulnerability week

Adjectives that describe Brian:

Intentional. Kind. Resourceful.

One of Brian’s quirky loves:

Beef & noodles. especially when Allen sneaks me a to-go box from the kitchen ;- )

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