Gill Case Study

Gill Industries

Gill Industries is a global supplier of precision-engineered assemblies and modules for the automotive, multi-use vehicle, and furniture industries. Gill’s Human Resources Department is consistently seeking to fill entry-level factory jobs with qualified candidates to maintain efficient production.


Gill Industries was having trouble finding and retaining employees. Workers would quit after a short time on the job, frequently call in sick, or not show up at all.  As a result, existing employees were required to work overtime, production suffered, and ultimately, customers were left waiting for products. The challenge was impacting Gill’s bottom line.


When Gill approached The Job Post, they had already tried several other means of finding employees. Their experience with other staffing agencies was not satisfactory: It took too long to find candidates, and when employees arrived on their first day they were not prepared for the job. HR Manager Lisa Beison recalls, “Employees were not aware of what they were coming into. An employee actually told me, ‘I had no idea the job was like this.’”

 “The idea of using a staffing agency whose profits help those less fortunate was a big plus.”

Online job sites also offered a strategy to find employees. However, vetting and interviewing employees proved to be very time-consuming for Gill. It was eating away at valuable HR hours better spent on high priority tasks.


Gill Case StudyGill Industries was initially attracted to The Job Post through an online job site. They became even more interested in them because of their community ties to the Guiding Light. “The idea of using a staffing agency whose profits help those less fortunate was a big plus,” said Beison. “I remember how excited my associate was after returning from her first meeting with them.”


The Job Post was consistent in their communication before, during and after the contract process. Initially, they spent a lot of time getting to know the environment at Gill by touring their facilities and asking lots of questions. “They gained a good sense of details important for employees to know both on and off the job,” according to Beison.

“The Job Post’s communication is phenomenal . . . they’ve become our #1 supplier for obtaining qualified employees.”

Gill’s request was simple: workers who would know the job before they walked in the door and would be eager to come back day after day. 

What they receive is even more than that. “The Job Post’s employees arrive on time, come prepared with PPE, and are ready to go. I just give them a time card, they sign in, and start working. The Job Post’s communication is phenomenal, both with us and with their employees. That’s what makes this happen.”


Another benefit that sets The Job Post apart from other staffing agencies is their ability to provide workers within 24 to 48 hours after Gill’s request—critical for Gill’s production. Beison is more than pleased.  

“They’ve become our #1 supplier for obtaining qualified employees.”

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