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Auto Cast

auto cast logoAuto Cast Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of high-pressure aluminum and zinc die castings for a number of industries including Automotive, Gas, Gaming, and RVs. Their 76,000+ square foot facility is located on Spartan Industrial Drive in Grandville, Michigan. Ralph Peterson, Auto Cast’s Human Resources Manager, hires employees from entry- to technical- and management-level, utilizing several different strategies depending on the positions available.


Like most employers at the time, Auto Cast was struggling to find good quality employees. The staffing agency they were using was not providing the quality of employees they desired, and retention was poor. This affected both production and morale. “When I was hired in, we didn’t have enough people to run our machines and production got way behind,” Mr. Peterson said. 

“It also lowered morale. Even though our employees were working extremely hard, it wasn’t possible to keep up. They were getting tired of so much overtime.”


Mr. Peterson worked hard to find solutions to these challenges. He tried a new staffing agency. This improved the situation and they are still using that agency today. But they still needed more employees, particularly for entry- and mid-level positions. 

He did manual searches on job websites. He talked with other HR professionals to find out how they were handling the challenge.


Upper management at Auto Cast encouraged Mr. Peterson to think outside the box to bring in as many employees as possible. Following that directive, he recalled a project he had done for one of his GVSU college courses: working on a fundraiser for Guiding Light. That familiarized him with the programs Guiding Light offers, including The Job Post. And it got him thinking.

“I like their values of getting people back and established in the workforce . . . give them a second chance and get back on their feet. I was all for it,” Mr. Peterson said. So he gave The Job Post a try.

“I like their values of getting people back and established in the workforce . . . give them a second chance and get back on their feet.” – Ralph Peterson, HR Manager

He also liked the idea of looking at former felons for employees. “No one should be punished forever. Some have been out of prison for a long time. You never know until you know. I’ll give you a chance. Everything else is up to you. You show me you can handle it, you make the best of it, that’s perfect. We can make it a win-win. If not, no hard feelings.”


Auto Cast employee pouring liquid in a diecast machineThe Job Post went to work and provided a few key candidates for their needs right away. “The tool room candidate was really great,” Mr. Peterson said. “But they didn’t stop there.”

“They helped us hire a few other people in. Helped them get set up with established roles, gave us support, and gave the temp workers support,” he continued. “If I cannot communicate with an employee, April will reach out and communicate with them. I appreciate that extra level of support.”

Auto Cast has subsequently hired several employees directly through The Job Post and is also employing a number of temporary workers. “Some have come and gone that didn’t work out, but most of them stick.”


“Production has improved from running 2 to 3 machines per day to 5 to 7 machines per shift . . . I’m very happy about that.”

On the shop floor, there’s been an overall improvement in production. “We went from no bonus checks to a quarterly bonus this last quarter. Production has improved from running 2 to 3 machines per day to 5 to 7 machines per shift” according to Mr. Peterson. They’re working on backorders and slowly but surely getting caught up. “Things are looking much better,” he says. “I’m very happy about that.”

“The Job Post also saves me time,” he continued. “They are reliable and quick with getting people. Instead of waiting a few days to a week, April has people ready to go for me.”

“It has also improved employee morale. People are not running themselves into the ground working crazy hours. They have more time to spend with their families.”


“I definitely recommend The Job Post,” Mr. Peterson said, “especially for anyone who has a felony. April, Jeremy, Patrick . . . everyone there is passionate about it.”

“They are doing a great job,” he continued. “Everything that we could ask of them. No complaints. I hope other companies use them too.”

“They are doing a great job. Everything that we could ask of them . . . I hope other companies use them too.”

He added that he’s thankful for the relationship that Auto Cast and The Job Post have established. “I believe it will just keep getting better.”

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