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Ellis Reid

Ellis Reid had a relatively comfortable life at one point in time. He and his wife lived on a meager income﹘not great but they had a roof over their head and food to eat. Then his wife died. He was all by himself and the minimal social security he received wasn’t enough to live on.


ellis reidHe also had a felony on his record after making a bad choice several years earlier. It was impossible to get a job or even find a cheaper apartment to rent with that felony haunting him. He found himself sleeping in his car and eventually living on
the street.

“I went down there to the Heartside area and went through the struggle. Stayed at Mel Trotter sometimes . . . went to church,” he said.

“I was homeless and Guiding Light is right down there where everyone is homeless,” he continued. “So I hung out there. That had an influence on me. Guiding Light was based on God and I learned what He could do for me.”

Then someone told him about The Job Post.


“Suddenly I was determined to do better,” Mr. Reid said. “In prison, I got 37 cents a day. If I could work that hard for such a low wage there, I can do a lot more out here.”

Patrick Nelson was the first person that Mr. Reid dealt with at The Job Post. “I wanted to work and they gave me a job,” Mr. Reid said. “They work with you. They know it when someone really wants to work and when they don’t.”

“At some places, you get negative vibes. But they were all positive at The Job Post. Confidence grows when that happens.”

“When people walk in there, Jeremy [Hasty] always introduces himself to them and treats them right,” Mr. Reid explained. “I was waiting to see Pat Nelson once and he asked me to come eat lunch with him. That meant a lot, that he would invite a homeless person to eat at the same table with him. At some places, you get negative vibes. But they were all positive at The Job Post. Confidence grows when that happens.” 

His first job through The Job Post was working for Gill Manufacturing. While he liked the job, the company moved to a location that was too far away for him to travel. But he still wanted to work and found himself back at The Job Post.

After Patrick moved on to another job, Jeremy took over working with Mr. Reid to find the right job for him. After listening to his desires and searching the openings they had, Jeremy suggested he try working for SoundTech. The job was in the fiberglass area and involved gluing parts. 

Mr. Reid had been waiting for Section 8 housing downtown and they had just called to say they had something available when Jeremy told him about the SoundTech opportunity. Despite the chance that he could lose that housing if he made too much money, he applied anyway, aced the interview, and landed the job.


Working for SoundTech has been a blessing for Mr. Reid. There is so much he likes about the company.  “They have Christian-based owners and it’s a very clean place,” he said. “The plant manager walks the floor every day. He is hands-on and a good guy. My supervisor is also great.”

“When I went into SoundTech it was like family to me. Even the owner came out and talked with me.  His last name is Ellis and my first name is Ellis. They all communicate with me. I took a liking to that.”

“God is good. If we utilize what we have out here and do the right thing, it will pay off.”

One Saturday when Mr. Reid was working, the plant manager watched him drive the hilo. “He stopped and told me he liked the way I set things up, think ahead, and prepare everything,” Mr. Reid continued. “He said he didn’t have to worry about me, that I will always work. It’s true that I find things to do if there isn’t anything for me to do. When things are slow, I grab a broom or go to someone else’s area to help them. I try to learn everything around me.”

“He wanted to hire me directly (I was just a temp) and now I run the fiberglass area. I’m in training and there are two people under me. I also got a nice raise. God is good. If we utilize what we have out here and do the right thing, it will pay off.”


Mr. Reid doesn’t utilize Section 8 or even collect social security anymore. “It makes a person feel good when you get enough money to pay for this yourself,” he said. “Instead of looking at your check to buy drugs and alcohol, you’re looking at the big picture: A home, car, and food.”

Along with the extra income came a better standard of living. He has a 2 bedroom apartment where he lives by himself. His daughter has her own room when she comes to visit. “It’s wonderful!” he remarked. “My apartment, car, and stability. You get a lot more confidence when you’re making money.”

“The Job Post . . . helped me change my life. God opened that door and gave me the opportunity.”

“I can always count on The Job Post,” Mr. Reid explains. “What they do is provide jobs for us. It’s up to us to maintain that job. That’s the true fact. It’s been wonderful for me. But it’s up to the next individual to make it wonderful for them. If you’re tired of being in the streets, tired of not having money, The Job Post will find you a job. Once they do that, it’s up to you to keep that job.”

“The Job Post truly changed me. They’ve been good to me and helped me change my life. God opened that door and gave me the opportunity.

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