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Atalaya Oliver-Hollis

She had a good, secure job. She worked hard, was very reliable, and had a good attitude. Both she and her husband worked to make ends meet. In addition to their everyday living expenses, they were helping fund their children’s college education and also trying to set aside money for retirement. Then something happened that they never saw coming.


Atalaya Oliver-Hollis, Adminstrative Assistant at The Job Post

Atalaya Oliver-Hollis worked for over 17 years at Evans Tempcon in Grand Rapids, MI. The company made HVAC and climate control systems for the transportation industry including RVs, agricultural, construction, and military vehicles. “I started in the factory and worked my way up,” Atalaya said. “Eventually I was doing inspections, ordering parts, and training others. Like many of my friends there, I planned to continue working for them until retirement.” 

But God had other plans for her. In December of 2018  Evans Tempcon was acquired by KODA Enterprises Group to join their portfolio company, ProAir Holdings Corp. ProAir had several other locations and had not planned to keep the Grand Rapids facility in operation long term. On May 3, 2019 Evans Tempcon permanently closed its doors.

“I worked until the final day,” said Atalaya. “They offered me a severance package good for 3 to 4 months. I took 2 or 3 weeks off to get things caught up at the house, but that was enough for me. Financially I needed to feel more secure. I needed another job!”


Atalaya applied at many different places to find a job. “I was trying to find a work home, something permanent from which I could retire,” she said. “I got a factory job and worked there for about a year. Unfortunately, it was not a good fit for me. Continuing working for them as a home job was not going to do it for me.”


Atalaya had heard great things about The Job Post, both on the Internet and through a friend of hers,  and decided to apply there. “I remember signing papers outside with Jeremy. They were not letting people inside because of COVID,” she recalled.  “I got a job the very next day!”

“I got a job the very next day!

Some of the jobs she worked through The Job Post included:

  • Performing temperature checks at Hutchison (during COVID pandemic)
  • Taking on a temporary job at Sound Tech
  • Working as a team leader, where she not only worked the job but was assigned to train new employees

“I finally felt recognized when I became team leader,” Atalaya said. “ 90% of any job is just showing up, and I’d been doing that for 20 years.”

Communication with Jeremy was easy and on point.
He made sure I was working.  He cares about people and has a really big heart.”

The above jobs were temporary though, and she knew that. “I kept going back to The Job Post when the projects were completed. Communication with Jeremy was easy and on point. He made sure I was working. He cares about people and has a really big heart.”


In February 2022, Atalaya was hired by The Job Post for a job as an administrative assistant. She finally landed her home job. Atalaya is now the pleasant, smiling face of their reception area and loves everything about it. 

She is multitasking, learning her way around spreadsheets, and sending applications to mobile phones.   “I set up appointments  on my computer. If people do not have an appointment and have not filled out an application, we have 2 laptops in the front lobby for them to use for this purpose. Then one of the recruiters will come out and interview them. We try to help everyone coming in that wants to be helped.”

“It’s a great work environment . . .
Working at The Job Post has given me a different purpose.”

“Jeremy always communicated with me during my temp job period. We both called each other and have developed a good relationship these last 2 years. He’s now my boss! It makes it fun to come to work and motivates me to do my best.”


One of the largest benefits that The Job Post has provided for Atalaya is her career change from manufacturing to office work. She enjoys learning new things and working in a professional atmosphere. “It’s a great work environment!” she says. “We are team-oriented. We check on each other. It makes you feel good. Working at The Job Post has  given me a different purpose.”

Atalaya highly recommends The Job Post to her friends. “Oh, I already have a few people here,” she said with a wink and a smile. 

Her home life has also become more enjoyable since she started working at The Job Post. She comes home at the end of the day with a positive attitude and more energy to do the things she loves. These include playing with her 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Cooper, and spending time with her 11-year-old granddaughter, Willow Mae. “Willow Mae is my pride and joy, and Cooper is next in line! We like to spend time outdoors, go camping and hiking, visit the beach, and take long walks along the river.”

13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Cooper, dog of Atalaya Oliver-Hollis
Atalaya and Willow Mae

The appreciation is a two-way street. According to Atalaya’s boss Jeremy, “The Job Post has every confidence that Atalaya will continue to recommend and help as many people as she can in her permanent home job. We are grateful she is part of our team, and that God paved the way for her to join us.”

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