We're Still Hiring!

In light of COVID-19 and the best interest of our customers and employees, The Job Post offices at 255 Division will be closed for a few weeks. We will still be working offsite to assist employees and we will continue to place candidates in jobs.

Applying online is easy. Just give us a call or fill out our contact form. You’ll need to present two forms of ID, employment history, references, and give a self-assessment of your physical ability for proper placement. Many companies we work with have policies that are open to ex-felons. Therefore, anyone who is seeking full-time work is encouraged to apply. After filling out an application, we’ll meet with you in-person to understand what line of work you are looking for. In short, we aim to find the best fit for you!


We’d love to meet you in person or by phone.

Valid ID

Bringing a valid ID is a requirement for this program.


We need to prove you’re eligible to work.


Men and women need to want to work.

What We Do

You may have used staffing companies before, but The Job Post is different.

The Job Post Staffing Co., a social enterprise of Guiding Light, exists to serve both men and women in their quest for consistent work and new job opportunities. Our goal is to quickly connect local employers with qualified, eager, pre-screened men and women, so that all parties may gain a mutual benefit for the health and betterment of society.

We’re a full-service hiring firm, specializing in full-time, long-term work. We can also assist with direct hiring and temporary project hiring. We do the hard work of finding qualified workers, so you don’t have to.


The Job Post Advantage

Every employee of The Job Post is offered the same benefits as a result of being part of our unique, non-profit service. That includes (when appropriate) bus passes, van rides, lunches, safety glasses, gloves, boots, etc. Every employee of The Job Post is also accountable to the same high standards as the men in Back to Work and Recovery programs.

Industries Served

The jobs that are available are always changing. As more companies partner with The Job Post, more job choices will be available to you. As of now, these are the main industries that we are servicing.

Check out the jobs for which we are currently interviewing. With the number of positions we have available, we know we have something that suits you. You can start the application process here and we will follow-up and set a time for an interview at The Job Post.

The Job Post is located within the Guiding Light building at 255 Division Ave. South Grand Rapids, MI 49503. For additional information, please contact Stephanie McKinnon.


We’ve got your back!

“We are receiving quality candidates in a timely manner, and the service has been exceptionally responsive. We are delighted with the relationship.”

– Sandi Gabrielse

HR Manager, Allied Finishing, Inc.

“My family and friends are very proud of me.”

– Shay

Why go with The Job Post?

“The Job Post has done a great job of providing us applicants, many of whom we’ve permanently hired.They are responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

– Andy Ribbens

Premier Finishing

Why go with The Job Post?

The Job Post is accountable for all hires and provides:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive cost structures
  • Turnaround on job orders
  • Employee retention and incentive programs
  • Transportation services and logistics for employees
  • Skills testing, counsel, and support for employees
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Regular onsite presence and personnel management
  • Payroll taxes covered, as well as unemployment and Worker’s Compensation
  • Insurance costs
  • Background checks, e-verify, and drug screening
  • Strong Community Partnerships

people have found work through The Job Post since opening it's doors in 2015

of employees say they are likely to refer someone to The Job Post

of employees say that The Job Post staff is friendly and helpful


people have found work through The Job Post since opening it's doors in 2015


of employees say they are likely to refer someone to The Job Post


of employees say that The Job Post staff is friendly and helpful