renewing hope

and rebuilding lives

one job at a time

Our Services:
  • A qualified candidate
  • Identification background confirmation
  • Immediate communication and follow-up
  • Accountability for our hires
  • Employee coverage for payroll taxes; unemployment and workers compensation costs.
  • ACA Compliance
  • Previous employment verification
  • Drug and alcohol testing when requested
  • Employment history

About Us

The Job Post is dedicated to recruiting, engaging and retaining talent through a culture that nurtures success, honesty and integrity. Our goal is to help our clients reengage in our community through jobs that provide an adequate income for stable housing and other basic necessities.

The Job Post will operate at the highest level of employment placement standards possible.

The Job Post provides services at the same competitive cost as any other firm in West Michigan. However, all of the profit from The Job Post goes directly back into the “Back-to-Work” program at the Guiding Light Mission. The GLM began in 1952 and still helps individuals in need with their issues with the goal of finding all suitable employment.


Get in Contact

The Job Post is located inside of the Guiding Light Mission Building.

Please ring the buzzer for access to our offices.
We accept applications between 9 am - 3:30 pm.


The Job Post Clients with some of
West Michigan’s largest corporations:


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